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We carry out  Divers Communication   test  for intelligibility of  helium scramblers being used  within a  Diving Complex for the Diving Bell and the Saturation Chambers Complex thus protecting the operators on board that they have acceptable intelligibility of speech being reproduced by the helium scrambler,  weather Diving in Helium atmosphere up to 450MSW or Diving in Air atmospheres.

Chalco Eleven are the leaders in Diver Communication and Development.  Twenty years ago we created Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) for evaluating intelligibility of helium speech.  Chalco recorded the Divers' speech on a digital audio tape (DAT) in the Chamber from atmospheric to 450MSW.   Chalco offers a service whereby we evaluate, fault find, rectify and improve intelligibility in your Diving Complex.  We design and build various noise inhalation units.

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 Modified Rhyme Test Procedures