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Chalco Eleven Limited has been trading from Europeís Oil Capital for 29 years specializing in Hiring Equipment for Inspecting Caisson Internal / External with High Resolution Camera Systems / Thermal imaging Cameras from 10mm Pipe ID to 10000mm ID plus,  Design and Manufactures Various Types of  Recovery Tools Pneumatic and Hydraulic for Subsea , Pipes ,Caisson and J-tubes. along with Gas Capturing from Seabed and Subsea Valves for Analysis. We can Manufacturer Bespoke Camera Systems to suit client criteria or Recovery Tools for cleaning out Debris from Caisson including Sand , Anodes, Crude Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Foam with our Debris Pump which can lift over 120M Head.

For the last 9 years we have been Hiring equipment for Pipeline Inspection and cleaning Caisson. Pipes. and J tubes,  we have Ddesigned and built Camera Systems from 7 mm OD to full Pan Tilt and Zoom  Camera Systems incorporating lasers  to Depths of 500m plus along with Ppneumatic and Hhydraulic Rrecovery Tools ,  we stock Atex Aapproved Camera Systems from 44mm OD to  Crawler Systems  with elevator  and carrier mounted, we  designed and manufactured  Subsea Debris Pump which can lift small gravel and Sand crude oil and  form to over 100 m Head  it only requires 8 bars of Air pressure. (Standard Platform / Rig Supply) Chalco has supplied equipment all types of industry  hospitals,     Navy,  space agencies,  Fisheries, vessel,  platform,   oil refineries,  Subsea,    various governments,  training schools and river authorities  just to mention  a few.
Chalco History

Chalco has been leading the market in Compact High Resolution Low Light Underwater Video Cameras along with Lights, Underwater and Topside Communication, Wireless, Video and Telemetry working from atmospheric or to full ocean depth.  As well as having our range of equipment the majority of our equipment are catered to the individuals needs. 

Chalco Eleven designs, manufactures and supplies all types of Cameras, Monitors, Lights, Cables, Video Screens, Communication, Controllers, Gas Catchers, Data Loggers, HCU Motors, Helium Unscramblers, Air Diver Radios, Depth Indicators, Connectors, Umbilicals, Chamber Penetrators, Bell Penetrators, Dome Cameras, Medical Lights, 360 Degree Cameras, Super Low Light Cameras.  Our equipment is aimed at Air Diving, Saturation Diving, Medical, CCTV, Underwater, Topside, Vessel, Platform, Shore side, O2 Treatment Centres, Hospitals, ROV, Diving Chamber Complex, MOD and Deepwater Research.

Research and development is central to Chalco Elevenís business philosophy which incorporates in-house research and development facilities for design and manufacture to clients customisation of  hardware and software to meet individual requirements for specialist Systems. 

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